Waterfall Rappeling

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

What better way to experience a waterfall than by descending from a wire to the bottom of a cool pool? Water rappelling or cascading, is one way of experiencing a waterfall up close and personal, while getting wet! The beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding habitat drives many people to want to experience this natural treasure of Costa Rica. Imagine climbing to the top of a waterfall, gazing down at its massive falls, then rappelling back down 100 feet of pure bliss. Although waterfalls range in size, rappelling requires some physical effort to descend down its rocky walls. Rappelling locations range in difficulty and are determined by various factors such as ease of access, rock structure, water volume, and strength over the falls. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of those cascading. Rappelling also involves using a second secured rope and is perfect for a range of adventure thrill seekers. Your only job is to have fun and get as wet as possible!

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