Scuba Diving

Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

Scuba Diving in Costa Rica is a pleasant experience due to the country’s typical warm water temperatures and abundant marine life. Although visibility greatly depends on season and location, all guides do their best year round to offer you an experience worthy of return. The busiest season ranges from December to March. However, although the rainy season calls for murky waters and less visibility, on the contrary, it brings with it an abundance of marine wildlife that you don’t want to miss out on. Point taken, any time of the year is a good time to scuba dive. Perhaps you’ll embark on a one-day tour  or even an 8-day tour, regardless, diving is a fun and safe way to spend the day with the entire family.

If you are a passionate diver, you may wish to obtain your Diver Master certificate, or a PADI certificate in which case, you dive independently. There are also opportunities for you to pursue a full SSI certification course in which all levels are available: open water diver, advanced open water diver, first aid, rescue and dive master.  If you are an occasional diver, perhaps a tour along the Pacific coast is perfect for you. Regardless of where your travel begins, you can find diving tours all the way from Playa de Coco in the North to Drake Bay in the South. The best places to dive are Isla del Cano, Bat Island, and Catalina Islands and each offering its own uniqueness. This is the experience of a lifetime to observe marine life such as manta rays, moray eels, white-tipped sharks, small fish and coral species, cow nose rays, bull sharks and eagle rays.

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