Limon, Costa Rica

Limon is popularly known for its unique combination of culture on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Over time, Limon has become home for many people of the Afro-Caribbean culture. This cultural hub, unlike any other place in Costa Rica was created during 1948, when the Costa Rican government who placed travel restrictions on Afro-Carribbean people who were immigrants and descendants of Jamaica and not recognized as citizens. As a result of this, Limon became the hub of a diverse Afro-Caribbean community with many of the native customs still maintained by the Afro-Caribbean inhabitants. Languages spoken here include Spanish and Limonese Creole. While visiting Limon, you are sure to encounter open air markets, beautiful architecture, a city hall, and a variety of museums.

Limon climate is typically tropical rainforest without experiencing much of a dry season.

It is important to keep in mind that the region also faces a crime rate above other places in Costa Rica. When traveling this area, practice the same precaution you would in any other area. The U.S. Embassy advises citizens who are living or visiting the area to remain cautious and vigilant with regard to their personal safety and security.

Puerto Limon is the biggest city on the Caribbean coast and the cultural hub of Limon. Every October, Puerto Limon bursts to life with its fall festival, carnaval. This celebration was started in 1949 by community leader Alfred Josiah Henry Smith. The event lasts for about a week and includes food, music, dancing, and a concert in the Parque Vargas. In previous years, the carnaval has faced some cancellations due to a dengue outbreak and trash removal issues.

As one of the country’s most geographically diverse regions, some major highlights to the area include Tortuguero National Park, where you can witness the green turtles nesting; Cahuita National Park and Gandoca Manzanillo Reserve with their natural beauty and conservation efforts. There are also a range of activities to partake in such as horseback riding, hiking, cycling, and photography.