Heredia, Costa Rica

Although it is the smallest of the Costa Rican provinces, Heredia has just as many offerings to provide visitors, as any other place in Costa Rica. It is thought to be the safest city in Costa Rica and has a rich cultural and historic background to accompany its good reputation. You will see coffee plantations in addition to beautiful buildings and Spanish colonial architecture dating back to the 18th century. The National University of Costa can also be found within this city.

Originally inhabited by a tribe known as the Huetares, Heredia has undergone much historic change, which has created it into the industrialized city well known today. One of the oldest cities in Costa Rica, Barva, is located in Heredia, and dates back further than 15th century Spanish colonization. Present day Barva is a historic monument accompanied with architectural beauty and Spanish influences. By the mid 16th century, Spanish settlers had begun colonization, which provided excellent conditions for hunting and farming. This ultimately led to more expansion, including the creation of the church Iglesia de la Inmaculada. By 1824, Heredia officially became a city; in 1848, Heredia was deemed the capital of Heredia Province. The economy of Heredia is strengthened by the presence of several technology industries, Intel, IBM, Boston Scientific, and Align Technologies.

Heredia’s climate makes it ideal for growing some of the nation’s best coffee. With warm year-round temperatures and consistent rainfall, its no wonder that the region excelled in premium exports during the 19th century.

Heredia, referred to as “City of Flowers’’, is a very aesthetically pleasing site for travelers. The city is filled with small parks, lush scenery, a central park, open fields, and colonial architecture.

There are many things to do throughout the day such as take a tour of the Café Briff coffee farm, visit different ecosystems in INBioparque, swim in the lakes of the Barva Volcano, or go shopping at open-air farmers markets over the weekend.

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Heredia, Costa Rica

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