Trendy Surfer Town Tamarindo

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Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Only a couple decades ago, Tamarindo was completely unknown to tourists and only consisted of an unpaved road without running water or electricity. Within time, surfers looking for great waves stumbled across this hidden paradise and slowly helped mold the small touristy town we know of today.  Tamarindo is located on the central west coast of the Nicoya peninsula and draws thousands of visitors to its shores every year. With a variety of visitors stemming from all parts of the world, the beach town has become infused with foreign culture as well as Tico culture. You will see observe the array of culture through the various cuisine and shopping centers throughout town.

Surfing is the towns’ most popular sport. While offering some of the best waves in the entire country, Tamarindo hosts several international surf tournaments throughout the year. Throughout the town, you will find numerous surf shops, a huge selection of board rentals and surfing lessons for all skill levels. There are many other popular water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, swimming, sport fishing, and paddle boarding. There is a bountiful amount of tour operational companies that provide discounted rates to rent equipment or conduct group tours for these activities.

There are several National parks that are within close proximity to Tamarindo. The Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge was originally established in 1990 to protect the mangroves in the Rio Matapalo. This refuge is comprised of 1,000 acres of protected forests, mangroves, and estuaries, which serves as a border between Tamarindo and Playa Grande. On a guided boat or kayak tour, you may see abundant wildlife ranging from herons, howler monkeys, and crocodiles.

To the north of Tamarindo is Playa Grande, a peaceful beach environment that has designated its grounds as Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas to preserve the nesting grounds of the giant leatherback turtle. The giant leatherbacks are the world’s largest turtle and can weigh over 1,000lbs. Nesting season is between October and March and if you are lucky, you can witness these marvelous creature lie its eggs during the night. This preserved habitat is also home to many of species including caimans, howler monkeys, otters, crocodiles and birds.

Nightlife in Tamarindo

The town is also notorious for its nightlife, as there are several popular clubs and bars that burst into life after the sun goes down. There are a few to keep in mind: Bar 1, which is located across from the super 2001 supermarket, is known for its classy setting, latest disco lighting systems and big screen TV. Across the street, you will find the sports bar Sharky’s which will become packed with locals displaying their pride whenever the Costa Rican soccer team graces the field. Another great option is Monkey Bar, which is located in the Best Western Hotel on Friday nights and is composed of two dance floors-one for Salsa and the other for mainstream dancing. Pacifico is half dance club and half bar that features live bands and DJs. Every Thursday is reggae night. Aqua is probably the most popular nightclub in Tamarindo, offering Ladies Nights on Monday and Saturday and offers an open bar for two hours. Cover charge is $4.

Surfing in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Surfing in Tamarindo Costa Rica

Tamarindo Costa Rica

Tamarindo Costa Rica

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