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Beautiful People of Costa Rica

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ticos and ticas-about the people of costa rica

The country has a population of 4,301,712 people. The Costa Rican people refer to themselves as Ticos (men) and Ticas (women). Spanish is the primary language used in Costa Rica and the people are a mixture of races. The majority of the population descends from Spain, although there are other nationalities as well. The Caribbean side of Costa Rica features descendants from Jamaica while the Guanacaste region is a mixture of Costa Rican and Nicaraguan heritage. With this in mind, the citizens do not consider their nationality as an ethnicity but as a citizenship with various ethnicities. Ticos and Ticas are very polite people, so regardless of where you are in Costa Rica, you will be surrounded by love and generosity.

RELIGION The predominant religion of Costa Rica is Christianity and the official state religion is Roman Catholicism. 70.5% of the nation is Roman Catholic, 45% are Catholic, and about 14% are evangelical Protestants.

EDUCATION The country has one of the highest literacy rates in all of Latin America. The government claims that 93% of the population is literate. The majority of the people know how to read and write. Public school is free up until the 6th grade. Universities are divided between public and private-with public being more prestigious and harder to get in. The University of Costa Rica (UCR) has 35,000 students. Most of the student body are on scholarships, and for those who are not, tuition is about 200 USD per semester.

CUISINE Costa Rican cuisine is flavorful and contains a lot of fruit, rice, and beans. A traditional Costa Rican breakfast is gallo pinto, a mixture of beans and rice. Casado, a famous lunch or dinner meal, includes beans, rice, salad, plantains, and meat. Meat options typically include chicken, beef, and pork.

DANCE Ticos and Ticas love to dance! They adore a variety of music and enjoy dance parties that last all night long. Popular Costa Rican dances include salsa, merengue, and cumbia.

ticos and ticas are peaceful genuine and bright-the beautiful people of costa rica


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