Tennis in Costa Rica

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The tropical paradise of Costa Rica offers many locations for tennis players to get in some sets. The central valley area and many of the popular beach towns offer top quality courts. For people looking to stay long term, there are also many tennis clubs with both indoor and outdoor courts that one can affiliate with.

Tennis in Costa Rica is known worldwide because it is the host of a couple ITF tournaments each year. The most famous is the “Copa del Café”, which is a junior level world tournament. Every January many of the best young tennis stars flock to this tiny Central American country to participate in this prestigious tournament. The best tennis in Costa Rica can be experienced at the Copa, which in its 46 years of existence has seen the many future tennis stars; including its most famous Roger Federer.
For those looking for Costa Rica tennis tours, there are many great options to incorporate the sport with ones vacation plans. Travel packages include trips to the best courts in the country, as well as tours to see some of the most popular natural wonders Costa Rica has to offer. Play against others, including some local Costa Rican tennis teams, in a tour tournament as you travel from the city, to the jungle, and to the beach. While playing tennis in Costa Rica, expert trainers can coach during the tour to help perfect ones game. Costa Rica tennis tours can be made for an individual, couples, or even a whole team. So no matter what, anyone interested in playing tennis in Costa Rica can realize that dream.
With all the great tennis options and natural beauty Costa Rica has to offer, there is no reason that it shouldn’t be the at the top of everyone’s travel plans.

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