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Sport Fishing in Costa Rica

Sport fishing in Costa Rica, until recently, has been one of the best kept secrets in the Americas. Costa Rica is the most biologically diverse country in the world. It is home to over 300 species of birds and 250 species of mammals. The coastal waters are just as diverse, with many sought after trophy fish. Marlin, sailfish, and mahi mahi (dolphinfish) are just some of the big game trophies one can catch in the clean waters off the coast.
One doesn’t have to travel far to find the best fishing in Costa Rica. Many of the popular beaches and resorts have fleets of fishing vessels waiting to take adventurous anglers to the best locations in Central America. Whether you choose a half-day trip or a full-day trip the service is top notch. Many skippers take pride in having the best equipment and crews. If you want to land the big one on your own, or require a little help, the experienced crews will provide you with as much or little assistance that you want.
If you are up for a little competition there are Costa Rica fishing tournaments throughout the year. The largest paid out over $150,000 in cash prizes, and $50,000 of that to tournament champions in 2012. Tournaments are held from January thru December, so a competitive angler can get the action whenever visit Costa Rica.
Fishing tours in Costa Rica can also be a great family activity. You and your loved ones can share the excitement of trying to land that gigantic sailfish. They can experience the beautiful coast as you move from location to location. You can also take photos of your trophy with the kids to put above your mantle.
Some of the best sport fishing in the world is hands down in Costa Rica! Whether you are her for leisure, competing in a tournament, or with the family; you’ll take home a real fish tale that will be too magical to believe.

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