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Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

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If you’re looking for a beach around the San Jose area, Playa Jaco will be your best bet; 1 1/2 hours away, it is the closest beach to San Jose. The small beach town of Jaco is composed of only 10,000 residents. Due to its size, you can easily walk or bike from one end of town to the other. During night, you might opt for a taxi, which generally cost 750-1,500 colones ($1.25-$3.00) depending the distance.

Jaco is famous for being the first town on the central pacific coast to boost its economy due to tourism, although its ideal climate conditions might contribute to that. Jaco is a popular place for tourists to engage in a variety of outdoor activities. The most popular activities for water lovers are surfing, swimming, deep-sea fishing, water rafting and kayaking excursions. For adrenaline lovers, there are ATV tours, canopy tours and crocodile safaris.

When planning your vacation, keep in mind that the rainiest times of the year occur between April and December; the driest time is from December to May and the remaining months have irregular climates.

One of the most popular activities in Jaco has to be its nightlife. Considered to be a top ‘party destination’ by E Entertainment, Jaco provides the perfect atmosphere for all-night party lovers, as most parties start around 11 and don’t end until dawn. Music selections will include Reggaeton, electronica, hip-hop, and Salsa.

Monkey Bar is one of the most popular scenes, not only in Jaco, but also in Costa Rica. Known as the wildest party in Costa Rica, it is the only bar in Costa Rica featured on “Wild on E!” Situated in downtown Jaco by the Municipal Park. Every night has something different to offer at Monkey: Tuesday night is Ladies Night, Wednesday night is 600c on all local beers, Friday night provides bar dancers, guest DJ’s and hourly drink specials, Saturday night is Jaeger special night and Sunday night is 2 for 1 everything.

Jaco is the perfect Costa Rican destination for young surfers and party lovers.

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