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Costa Ricans Living Abroad Able To Cast Their Vote This 2014 Election

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Sunday February 2nd 2014 Costa Rica will hold presidential elections

Costa Rica holds general elections every 4 years nationwide to elect the President, 2 Vice Presidents and 57 Legislative Assembly lawmakers. Every Costa Rican that is over the age of 18 can vote. Elections are held the first week in February and the new government takes office the first week of May. The Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones (TSE) is the supreme power during the election process, enforcing the rules to ensure valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result. TSE President, Luis Antonio Sobrado strongly encourages everybody to vote, and emphasizes that a blank ballot “achieves nothing”.
tse-CRIn 2010 TSE reported 30.88% of Costa Ricans stayed home on election day. This 2014 election, 3,078,321 Costa Ricans are eligible to vote. Costa Ricans living abroad will for the first time be able to cast their vote this 2014 election. TSE reports 56 Costa Ricans living in Australia, 19 in Qatar, 4 in Trinidad & Tobago, 31 in Cuba, 71 in China, 484 in Canada and 8,316 in the United States. Access a complete list of voters by province living outside of Costa Rican by clicking on the TSE photo.
In Costa Rica majority rules which means a candidate only wins if they get more then 40% of the vote. If no candidate receives more then 40% of the vote on February 2nd, the top two finishers will face a runoff election in April.

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Costa Rica’s 2014 Election Season is Officially Open

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