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Costa Rica Vacation Destinations and Main Attractions

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Have you booked your ticket to Costa Rica yet? Costa Rica has attained worldwide acclaim for its stable democratic set up, stunning golden coastline, warm climate, tranquil lifestyle, exotic wildlife, and gigantic assortment of adventurous opportunities. With a rich natural excellence, fascinatingly friendly customs and an underlying advanced appeal, Costa Rica has spellbound its travelers throughout the years.

Top Vacation Destinations in Costa Rica and Main Attractions

Costa Rica’s Famously Lush Rainforests

Vacation in Costa Rica would not be complete without a hike in one of Costa Rica’s famously lush rainforests. In fact, it’s tough to get out of the jungle once you enter Costa Rica! Costa Rica has national parks scattered among these rainforests, where you can enjoy guided tours or self-investigate these tropical paradises. Exploring the jungle is not only cheap but informative and loads of fun! Costa Rica rainforests hold 5 percent of the planet’s biodiversity and a few exotic species. These rainforests provide a unique opportunity for you to witness extraordinary creatures in their natural environments existing together.

Costa Rica’s Stunning Golden Coastlines
Costa Rica Vacation Destinations and Main Attractions-Costa Rica Beaches-Tortuga Island

“Costa Rica” translates to “Rich Coast” so characteristically, it has a percentage of the most wonderful drifts on the planet; making it ideal for a couple’s travel experience. It is distinguished as having the most extraordinary beaches in the world. Breathtaking beaches run along the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines that stretch for over 1,290 miles. Hundreds of sunny beaches, each one uniquely charming and attractive, are home to over 500,000 sea creature species; and make for unforgettable snorkeling, scuba diving, and sport fishing adventures. Best of all, Costa Rica’s enchanting coastline offers the perfect place to ride waves and continues to attract talented surfers year after year.

Costa Rica’s Remarkable Volcanoes

Costa Rica is also home to numerous renowned worldwide volcanoes. Volcanoes are as regular to Costa Rica as her rainforests. The Irazu volcano is the tallest in all of Central America having a width of 600km and a stature of 11,260ft. It is most popular because it is the only place in all of Central America where the Caribbean Ocean and the Pacific Ocean can both be seen. Voyagers travel great distances to embody this experience and catch a glimpse of this remarkable view. The Arenal Volcano is another popular volcano destination in La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

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